You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
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Why Marvel's Daredevil Fights Are Amazing.

In most TV shows nameless goons tend to go down in one hit. Especially in super hero tv shows such as Agents of Shield or Arrow, the nameless extras are expertly taken out with a flawless one shot combo most of the time.

What makes Daredevil great is how its fight sequences mostly buck this trend. Each fight is a drawn out ordeal with people running out of breath in extended fist fights. Here nameless goons don't go down in one punch and it takes dedicated beat downs to ensure that someone doesn't get up in a fight. We can feel the blood, sweat, and tears from each impact as well as see that every time Daredevil makes a mistake he takes the blow and keeps on fighting all the same.


The best example of this would be Episode 2's Hallway fight sequence, which in my opinion is the highest point of the show that embraces this gritty nature Daredevil's character.

I'm curious to see how Netflix will handle the more super powered Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist in comparison. Especially since the closest fighter to Daredevil's own style would be Iron Fist and Iron Fist is arguably the better fighter (with the benefit of some Chi based superpowers too).

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