You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
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Help me find this game

Ok when I was a kid in the mid 90s I played a game while I was visiting my family in Thailand on one of their PCs.

I've never been able to find it again and I thought it was fantastic.

It was some kind of space strategy game.


The premise of the game was that you chose 1 out of 3 space faring races and tried to conquer the rest of the galaxy planet by planet.


The 3 races were

1- Some kind of Tiger type race, very much like Wing Commander's Kilrathi. They controlled about 80% of the galaxy at the start. With blue as their faction color


2- Some alien race, they were green and potato head looking. They controlled about 18% of the galaxy at start and had green as their faction color

3- Humans, they only owned about 2% of the galaxy at the start, and you literally only got 3 planets at the beginning. Red was their main faction color


Visuals :

Visually the game was done in animated pixel sprites that looked similar to something like Final Fantasy 6.


All of the characters had portraits done in an anime style too.


After you chose your race you had to take their fleet around and invade other planets in the galaxy. When two fleets met they would exchange gunfire at each other in a similar style to Advanced Wars, where half of the screen was split and each fleet as a whole shot lasers at each other.


I distinctly remember there was an option to board capital ships. You had the option of specializing your boarding party and they would usually enter and use melee weapons against the enemy's main crew for control of the ship.


So does anyone have any ideas?

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