You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
You've seen it now you can't unsee it.
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May I recommend a movie for the weekend in lieu of Warcraft?

If you don’t feel like being dragged to watch Warcraft but you still want a movie that has great visuals with an overly complicated storyline, that was also fairly popular in China. (I see parallels where I shouldn’t).

May I recommend that you track down a limited release theater that is showing The Final Master?


What’s appealing visually in the Final Master besides that blend of east and west in the 1930's ascetic is the martial arts sequences; is how the fights are fast, brutal, and rough. A far cry from the wushu theater style of overly long choreographed fight sequences accompanied with wires. Frankly it makes for a very welcome change of pace.

The plot is rather complicated but you can retain most of it if you pay attention. There’s double crosses, triple crosses, and constant factions at play here.


If you can catch it, I highly recommend it as an alternative to your movie theater dollars spent if you don’t want to see Warcraft this weekend.

Take a view of the best fight sequence from the movie to get a feel for how the action plays out throughout the entire thing.

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